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Apple Nets Record High USD 8.2 Billion Profit on iPhone Sales

The company has revealed their record revenues as well as profit figures of the 4th quarter – 2012 September. Apple has achieved record sales of 58 percent higher when it comes to sales of new iPhone when compared with the previous year’s sales. Apart from all ups and down and the competition from rivals, the company has emerged as the best US Firm.

New iPhone 5 coming to India on 2nd November

Cupertino-based maker of iPad tablets, iPhone smartphones, iMac desktop, and Macbook notebooks has posted overall revenues of USD 36 billion and total profit of USD 8.2 billion or diluted share of $8.67 for the last quarter.

On the whole, the company has achieved total revenue of USD 28.3 billion and a net profit of USD 6.6 billion. However, the company saw gross margin reduction by little fraction to 40% compared with the 40.3% in the 2011 quarter. International sales has accounted for rise in sales.

Apple has managed selling almost 26.9 million units of iPhones in the previous quarter, which again represents 58% unit growth when compared with the year-ago quarter. The company also managed to sell 14.0 million units of iPads during the same quarter. During this quarter, the company managed to keep up the sales on rising graph at 26 percent.

However, the sales of computers were steady during this period with almost 4.9 million Macs being retailed in this quarter. There is one percent increase in the sales. Apple saw decline in the sales with respect to iPods.

The Board of Directors from Apple has declared cash dividend of USD 2.65 per share in the common stock. However, the dividend is almost same as previous quarter and is payable for the shareholders on November 15th.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that they are very much proud to end this fiscal year in a fantastic way with record sales in the month of September. The company is entering the holiday season with new iPad, iPhone, and iPod products. Apple is also pretty confident about the new product lineup.

Peter Oppenheimer, CFO of Apple said that they are pleased to generate net income of almost $41 billion and operating cash flow of over $50 billion for the fiscal year 2012.

Looking forward to the fiscal year 2013, the company is expecting total revenues in the tune of USD 52 billion and diluted earnings/share of about USD 11.75.

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